Assembly Workshops

An exchange on Justice – Witness – Hospitality

The General Assembly will host 15 workshops, from 1 to 2 June 2018, focusing on justice, witness and hospitality, in view of a particular work area of CEC.

These workshops have been prepared by the outgoing Thematic Reference Groups and thematic networks and organisations related to CEC.

The workshops are foreseen to bring together 20 to 50 participants and will allow for a more interactive exchange on the sub-themes of the General Assembly than the plenary sessions. They will deliberate on challenges and achievement of CEC in its thematic work since 2013 and will debate future thematic work in view of the strategic objectives of CEC in the next years, as foreseen in Article 7 (4) of the CEC constitution

Participants of the assembly are invited to attend and to contribute to the workshops. During the registration process participants have been asked to express preferences for the workshops and will be allocated to the different workshops accordingly. The organiser of each respective workshop will ensure that they draw upon participants’ expertise.

Members of the Policy Reference Committee will be attending the different workshops, so that the workshops’ discussions are fed into the policy reference document which will be adopted by the General Assembly.

The following themes will be explored in the workshops.

Workshop 1. Ecumenical fellowship of churches: How is it relevant for the Conference of European Churches today?
Workshop 2. The role of religion in Conflict and Peace
Workshop 3. Freedom of Religion or Belief brings Justice for Minorities and Majorities
Workshop 4. Witness to Climate Change – Justice to God’s Creation – Hospitality to all Creatures
Workshop 5. What will be the world of work tomorrow? Discussion on digitalisation and the churches reflection on “good work”
Workshop 6. Refugee protection – a task of the churches
Workshop 7. Bioethics and the development of science: Challenges for the future
Workshop 8. The dialogue according to Art. 17 III TFEU: opportunities and challenges
Workshop 9. Social imbalances in Europe – Reflections on challenges for Societies and our Churches
Workshop 10. Persecution of Christians: situation in Syria and Iraq
Workshop 11. Democracy and Populism: The Role of Education and of CEC
Workshop 12. No peace without justice! No justice without peace!
Workshop 13. Ecclesiology in times of migration
Workshop 14. Interreligious work in the face of migration in Europe
Workshop 15. Sharing God’s earth and its riches justly

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