2018 Novi Sad General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches

31 May – 6 June, Novi Sad, Serbia
“You shall be my witnesses” Acts 1:8

Participants at the General Assembly

The CEC General Assembly will bring together in Novi Sad, Serbia, participants from diverse Christian denominations, ecumenical and faith-based organisations, and EU offices, from across Europe.

The event will be addressing the biblical theme “You shall be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8) – exploring the concepts of justice, witness and hospitality.

Participation at the General Assembly in Novi Sad is by invitation.

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28 May

Day 1

Youth Pre-Assembly


29 May

Day 2

Youth Pre-Assembly


30 May

Day 3

Youth Pre-Assembly


31 May

Day 4

Opening Plenary and Worship in City Centre


1 June

Day 5

Theme of the Day: Hospitality


2 June

Day 6

Theme of the Day: Justice


3 June

Day 7

Local churches, prayer at Danube


4 June

Day 8

Theme of the Day: Witness


5 June

Day 9

Closing Plenary


6 June

Day 10

Programme closure, final meetings


What is CEC General Assembly?

The Assembly is the highest governing body of the Conference of European Churches that makes important decisions and sets the future directions for CEC’s work.

This year, CEC General Assembly is taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia, bringing together representatives of churches, ecumenical and partner organisations from across Europe.

The General Assembly is hosted by CEC Member Churches in Serbia, including the Serbian Orthodox Church and churches in the Vojvodina region, Reformed Christian Church in Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Serbia and United Methodist Church in Serbia.

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News and Stories

Media accreditation opens for Novi Sad General Assembly

CEC has invited media persons to register for the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly in Serbia.

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Young stewards in Novi Sad

Stewards Programme will ensure a vibrant participation of young adults at the General Assembly.

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A community of values in Europe

The unique role of churches in shaping the future of Europe was the highlight of a seminar organised by CEC.

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Churches building a European home

“Developing ecumenical relations is the genuine contribution of churches to building a common European home”

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Governing Board sets directions for Assembly

Governing Board of CEC held meeting continuing to prepare for the General Assembly in Novi Sad.

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Preparation for General Assembly

CEC General Assembly, which will take place in Novi Sad has already attracted national attention in Serbia.

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CEC will hold General Assembly in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a crossroads in Europe. Crossroads historically, politically, and ecumenically. We are excited by the possibilities.

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Christian presence and witness in Future of Europe

Christian presence and witness in Future of Europe will be the theme in focus in two sessions at the General Assembly.

These discussions will offer an opportunity to explore the future of Europe and the churches’ role, promoting vision of a society that encompasses the duty of solidarity, justice and respect for one another and for the world around, as well as fruitful ecumenical relations supporting such a society.

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