2018 Novi Sad General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches

31 May – 6 June, Novi Sad, Serbia
“You shall be my witnesses” Acts 1:8


What is CEC General Assembly?

The Assembly is the highest governing body of the Conference of European Churches that makes important decisions and sets the future directions for CEC’s work.

This year, CEC General Assembly is taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia, bringing together representatives of churches, ecumenical and partner organisations from across Europe.

The General Assembly is hosted by CEC Member Churches in Serbia, including the Serbian Orthodox Church and churches in the Vojvodina region, Reformed Christian Church in Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Serbia and United Methodist Church in Serbia.

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News and Stories

Witness, Justice, Hospitality: CEC Assembly draws to a close

After nine full days of worship, listening and learning, the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches has drawn to a close.

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The Holy and Great Council: The Common Witness of the Orthodox Church

The Orthodox participants at the CEC in Novi Sad, Serbia, have a common point of reference: the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church.

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Malva Rosenfeld, making friends all over Europe: The youngest participant at the General Assembly

Still only 17-years-old, Malva Rosenfeld is the youngest person attending the General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches in Novi Sad.

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Ecumenical dialogue: a great experience of a small country

Estonia is a small Baltic country with the population of about 1.3 million people. It is, however, one of the few post-Soviet countries which has improved ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

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Taking on the challenge of migration

“In the coming years we will continue to work closely with the Conference of European Churches and to deepen our cooperation in many areas,” says Lemma Desta moderator of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe.

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“Making the diversity of church voices audible” Bishop Petra Bosse-Huber on the future of Europe

“Europe is more than the 28 states of the European Union...hence it is good, and a visible sign, that we have come to Serbia and Novi Sad with our General Assembly.”

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Archbishop of Canterbury: Called to be workers for peace in Europe

Some might find it ironical that one of the speakers on the question of the future of CEC General Assembly, convening in Novi Sad, Serbia, should be a representative of the Church of England, a bit over two years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

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CEC elects presidency

The Conference of Europe Churches General Assembly elected a new President and two Vice-Presidents.

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“It does not matter what kind of nation you are, we have one goal – Christianity”

Araqsya Avchieva and Lilit Melkonyan, of the Ecumenical Forum of Christian Women in Armenia, are two of the stewards at the General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches in Novi Sad.

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European churches witness across borders

Two years of study and dialogue are culminating in presentations, discussions and decisions on the future of Europe at the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly of the CEC.

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Christian presence and witness in Future of Europe

Christian presence and witness in Future of Europe will be the theme in focus in two sessions at the General Assembly.

These discussions will offer an opportunity to explore the future of Europe and the churches’ role, promoting vision of a society that encompasses the duty of solidarity, justice and respect for one another and for the world around, as well as fruitful ecumenical relations supporting such a society.

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